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Japanese harpoon ship captures UK protester

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For those of you who might not have heard, two activists from the Sea
Shepherd are currently being held hostage by a Japanese whaling boat.
One is UK campaigner Giles Lane; the other is Benjamin Potts, from
Australia. At one point it appears they were tied to a radar mast in
freezing weather. They were seized when they tried to deliver a letter
to the captain of the Japanese whaling ship which has been engaged in
illegally killing whales in the Antarctic. For more information see



or visit the Sea Shepherd's website at http://www.seashepherd.org for
the latest updates.

Friends and colleagues of the imprisoned activists are calling for
solidarity protests to take place across the world against Japanese
embassies and consulates. The Japanese government continues to ignore
international moratoriums against whaling, calling their slaughter
necessary for 'research purposes', despite repeated calls for them to
stop. The Sea Shepherd is one of the few groups putting action in to
words and fighting directly to save the whales from hideous deaths at
the end of barbed harpoons.

If Giles and Benjamin are not released by 9am (London time) tomorrow
morning a protest in solidarity with them will take place tomorrow
(Wednesday) outside the Japanese Embassy in London, starting at 2.15pm.
Everyone welcome, bring banners, etc. If they are not released by 9am,
the demo will still go ahead as a general anti-whaling protest.

Those of us who know Giles know he is a courageous activist for the
planet. In the meant time please continue to email the Japanese
embassies and consulates in your country - demand that Giles and
Benjamin are released and Japan's unnecessary and illegal whaling ceases.

To find your nearest Embassy / Consulate visit
http://www.mofa.go.jp/about/emb_cons/over/index.html or

Please circulate wide
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